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 This blog is a dedicated site where I showcase my treasured pieces of Cinnamoroll merchandise that I have obtained throughout my journey in Japan.
Ranging from notebooks to badges, each sole item is a piece of treasured memory of the day I first got them.
A popular brand name across Japan, these Cinnamorolls are each from a specific Japan city, and I’ll have an account of each city, respective to its item.
Above is a peek of the entirety of my collection, and below you will find specifics of each.



1st image textbox   

This supercute memo pad is
shown in the shape of Cinnamoroll's house and features three unique
designs that fill the pad.

On the front, Cinnamoroll is there along with his friends Milk and Capuccino.
    Tear out a page from the inside and the next page's design lines up with the cover's window
to offer a delightful scene
from the outside.

Cinnamoroll Notebook

textbox 2nd image   

You will love this small and super soft Plushie.
It's time to put on your clothes or your bag.
You are so cute just like this cutie!


Cinnamoroll Plushie March 28, 2017 (Tokyo)

3rd image textbox   

This adorable Cinnamoroll keychain already supercute
but even more so as he is with his teddy bear friend!


    Covered in a soft flocking, hang this ball and chain keychain from your keys, backpack or purse.

Cinnamoroll Keychain

textbox 4th image   

Sweet Cinnamoroll graces the design of this supercute ID case!

Perfect for slipping in your ID or a few bills
or even a credit card, this stiff plastic holder even has a hole to loop a metal key ring through.

How will you use it? (〃∇〃)

Cinnamoroll Card-holder

5th image textbox   

٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶❤☆ Sweet Cinnmaoroll Lollipop! with little crystal stars

    This small Cinnamoroll Lollipop is very cuddly and
comes with Cinnamoroll wearing an adorable night sky with stars bow with a gold star charm.
Take Cinnamoroll with you to bed or on your next trip.

Cinnamoroll Lollipop

textbox 6th image   

Classic super-kawaii Cinnamoroll ponytail holder with
Cinnamoroll on one end and a blue soft ball on the other.

The comfortable elastic and design allow for less pulling of the hair.

Great for everyday and cosplay. Supercute! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Cinnamoroll Hairband

7th image textbox   

Sweeten up your day with this supercute Cinnamoroll popsicle-style key keychain.

This die-cut keychain of notes is lollipop.
Put your keys with this sweet lollipop,may have something good hapeen~

Cinnamoroll Key-Keychain

textbox 8th image   

In celebration of Cinnamoroll's 15th Anniversary~

we are introducing this adorable Bage set.
Three different designs create the set. This is the first one with cut Cinnamoroll sit in the cup.

Take me with you! ٩(๑`н´๑)۶


You’ve arrived to the conclusion of my journey!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little take on my journey in obtaining these little pieces to build my ultimate Cinnamoroll collection.
If you’d like to return to the other stories, just click on the respective thumbnails on the left and right. Thank you very much for your interest!

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